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    We are a very friendly chat room but please take a few minutes to read the ten simple chat rules below. Since 2015 Alter Ego has been completely different matter and flawed in the ways we listen to music.

    Where is the free darkcavern chat room

    They are all under the impression that the story is an ancient tale about airbenders; however, when Aang mentions that the storyteller's source, his great-grandfather, must have heard the tale a hundred years previously, the storyteller replies that his great-grandfather saw the "air walkers" only a week before.

    Aang, Katara, and Sokka are all shocked by the allegation that a living group of airbenders exists.

    While the training grounds were eventually abandoned, Ilum's temple served as a mecca for Jedi seeking to construct their very own lightsaber.

    During the Jedi Order's formative years circa 22,800 BBY, hyperspace scouts for the Order discovered the frozen world of Ilum and unearthed its hidden treasure trove of crystals, prized for their usage as a focus lens in the Order's symbolic weapon, the lightsaber.

    Sokka took the defense of the tribe very seriously, as his father had entrusted him with protecting the tribe.

    While on a fishing expedition for their village, Sokka and Katara accidentally steered their canoe into a rip current, where it was crushed between ice floes.

    Yon Rha interrogated Kya to find the last bender's location, but she tricked him into believing that she herself was the last bender to protect the real waterbender, her daughter, Katara. Several years before finding Avatar Aang, his father along with all the other warriors left the Water Tribe to fight in the Hundred Year War, and Sokka was left in the care of his grandmother and little sister, Katara, though he also devoted some time to constructing crude defenses for what remained of his tribe.

    He speaks about a reclusive band of "air walkers", who laugh at gravity and those bound to the earth by it.

    The man finishes his story and goes around the group taking tips; Katara and Aang talk briefly about airbenders, while Sokka searches unsuccessfully for money with which to tip the storyteller.

    Aang learns that the civilians are outcasts and that the mechanist is constantly threatened by the Fire Nation to provide them with new war machines.

    With help from Aang and his friends, they fend off the Fire Nation and save the temple.

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