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Martin (who plays Barry Allen’s surrogate father, Detective Joe West) talked about which of his friends is the most excited about him being a part of The Flash, his insistence on reading the script before agreeing to the role, that his prior knowledge of The Flash ended with knowing he was a guy who could run really fast (oh, and having the underoos, as a kid), what he thought of the suit the first time he saw it, how excited he is to learn what comes next with each script, the dynamic of Joe’s relationship with Barry, and getting to work with John Wesley Shipp, the original Flash who now plays Barry’s father. Collider: Who, in your life, is the most excited about you being part of this superhero universe now? MARTIN: I have a good friend, Michael Capone, who has always been our resident comic book nerd. MARTIN: I got the full script, after I met with Andrew and Greg. I loved reading Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan, and that kind of stuff. But what I did appreciate about them was the artwork. What did you think, the first time you saw what the suit would look like? The first time I saw the photo, I was like, “Well, that looks really cool. Has it been an adjustment to play a character when you never know where things are going?