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But i control knowing wht V r , there was a time he started licking my c*nt , i got orgasm and didnt feel to stop him , but as soon as after cumming , i movd him away ,,buy closing legs and yoning ,, this happnd certain times , but v need to controll... He behaves nicely now ,even he dont mind neighbour ,lady ,,even he stoped coming regularly night ,, last week he came only twice ,, .feels like now i want him 2 come ,,but its good if he improving Prabitha It was not my need , but its true it arosed me ,. He speaks very freely to me now., b4 i was disturbed by neighbour lady , he even dared to tell her directly to have sex ,,even i got complaint from society he started peeking others bathroom ,with his bad frnds ,,even he was caught by a year girl father while kissing her ,, my maid who use to come b4 ,complaind he always try to touch her bodyparts ,i can't tell him so i stop her coming work ,was all b4 ,now i dont hear anything ,,he even seems staying away frm his bad frnds ,,. Even he came ystrday night after 4 days , he pulld up my maxi ,jst had a look and went back ,./ ma b i was wrong ,but i think it helpd him .. .else just find a good time tell her mom can u teach me what is sex ,,my teacher talld me mom feeds baby to grow ,can u show me where it comes ,?